Peking Duck Restaurant, 471 Smithdown Road, L15 5AE, tel: 01517330723

Peking Duck Restaurant

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  • Cuisine: Chenese
  • Price Very Reasonable
  • Food Exceptional
  • Service Exceptional
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20th January

"We went with the whole family recently and it was easily the nicest chinese banquet we had ever had.

The manager previously ran the best chip shop in Walton and the meals in the restaurant are of the same very high standard!

I would recommend anyone to go, as once you've been here, no other chinese restaurant will do!"

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Rachael Jones

17th January

"I came to this restaurant yesterday as it was my birthday, and my friends and I all loved the food here. We ordered the set banquets, with the crispy duck and it was fantasstic as usual. One of my friends didn't like the hot and sour soup and they asked the waiter whether she could get a sweetcorn and chicken soup instead, the waiter just said sure without a moments doubt.

This is one thing that stands out from many other restaurants in Liverpool or anywhere else in fact, the staff are all friendly and kind bend the menu a bit for you."

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Susan Smith

29th December

"This restaurant was very good in every area, the food was great, all my kids loved it, the service was very good. The only problem was that as we had came on a weekend it was very busy and we hadn't booked a table so my family and I had to wait 20 minutes for a table. other than that it is a brilliant restaurant.

All my kids loved the crispy duck with pancakes. I would recommend this to anybody, no matter what occasion."

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Nic Perrins

13th December

"I had a banquet for 2 here with a friend a few weeks ago and everything about it was superb. We wanted to change both main courses and the staff obliged without a murmur. The food was tremendous, waiters were very friendly and the restaurant has a lovely relaxed atmosphere wihtou being too formal. You could get dressed up to come here, or be equally at home in your jeans. Liked it so much, I'm going back agin tonight with my boyfriend! Can't wait - I've ben thinking about my crispy duck pancakes ALL DAY!! Superb - highly recommended."

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