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27th January

"We have dined at charlie parkers on and off for the past several years. We have never had a bad meal, the chilli king prawns are in a class of their own, all of the food is always fresh and made to order, hence the wait at times. We go to charlie parker's to socialise with friends so we do not expect to be in and out in 1 hour, nothing about this restaurant screams FAST FOOD!

The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is warm and cosy. It does not pretend to be an upmarket snooty restaurant, it has an informal jazz like feel to it. It will never be a "cheap" night out but it is not overly expensive. We went with friends last night and for 3 courses with wine (lots) and coffee it worked out at 40 per head including the tip!! One person in our group is an extremely fussy veggie, who I might add is never happy with his meal, and for once he commended the food and can't wait to go back.

Go and try it for yourself before you listen to the negative reviews, it could quite possibly be the find of the year!! "

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shelle & Rob

01st January

"We visited Charlie Parkers for the first time on New Years Eve with friends. Neither of us had ever been before and had heard mixed reviews. There was a set menu which didnt have much choice and seemed really expensive. This wasnt helped by the set 5 levy that was added to each person simply beacuse it was new year.

The service was extremley slow, we waited at least 35 minutes between each course. We expected a lot more given the price of each dish, the food was average and there wasnt much of it. I have had simliar dishes elswhere at a fraction of the price.

I wouldnt recommend it. "

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11th November

"My partner and I have eaten here numerous times over the last seven years. The menu doesn't change much and it doesn't look like there has been any refurbishment in that time. I would not use the term posh to describe the place.

The staff have always been friendly although the conversation does tend to revolve around any famous customers that have dined there recently."

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Lee Carroll

12th April

"The best food in Liverpool, by far!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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14th February

"i usually choose to go to charlie p's for family celebrations and have always enjoyed the food, although it is pricey. went last week it was very busy and i think this reflected on the service and food. the sauces on the different main course dishes tasted very similar.

I agree with the previous comment the menu needs to be revamped. although i have not been put off going i will be making another choice of venue for the next celebration in march."

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Cathy and Steve

14th January

"Well the food was ok but the waitrasses were awful. I got wine all over my brand new dress and the stain hasnt come out!"

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10th January

"overpriced for awful food Dont go there"

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Ben Mitchell

18th December

"Only live down the road from Charlie Parker's. Always enjoy the most highest quality of food there, and alike the gentleman who made the top comment, I eat out a lot also."

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28th April

"OVERPRICED I eat out a lot have a very well paid job, but still felt skint at the end of the night god awful place avoid avoid avoid is my advice."

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17th April

"first review is a crock u could not call charlie parkers posh - that comment would need quite some explaination ......... "

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Sarah & Alan

17th April

"Suspect, lukewarm, paella overpriced including a lengthy wait for your food - the premises are cramped: and coffees foul!"

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25th October

""Charlie Parkers is a posh little restaurant outside of the city in Waterloo. I like it here even though the menu doesn't have much to choose from and the food isn't very unusual. It's a good place to take your grandparents and the food is nice as are the waitresses. Good price too.""

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31st August

""Good food, was served by a man with a large head, he is a bit of a letch! Beware!""

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Catherine Wilson

24th August

""We've been going to Charlie's since it opened and have watched its popularity rise (as well as its prices!). The food is well cooked but the menu hasn't changed for a long time and is getting a little tired. Service is pleasant enough but the wait to sit down and between each course is far too long - the last time we went we waited 40 minutes to be seated and, although we were booked for 8.15, didn't get out of the restaurant until gone midnight. Considering the competition I would say that their prices are on the steep side.""

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08th August

""Great service, fantastic food and nice atmosphere! Have spotted a few famous footballers in there too.""

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11th January

""Excellent service, delicious food and great atmosphere. Big thumbs up!!""

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