Therapeutic treatments - a quick guide

Therapeutic treatments - a quick guide

Therapeutic treatments - a quick guide

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Therapeutic treatments - a quick guide

Complementary Guide

Therapeutic massage
A full body, relaxing and toning massage.
Good for: Cellulite. Stress. Insomnia. Anxiety.
Details: Oils on skin, underwear

Deep tissue massage
A more intense therapeutic massage specifically for muscle tension and the relief of localised aches and pains
Good for: Headaches. Migraine. Stiffness. Sciatica.
Details: Oils on skin, underwear

Sports massage

Massage using specific soft tissue techniques and articulations.
Good for: Serious muscle tension, sports injuries and specific localised injuries. Details: Oils on skin, underwear

Reflex points on the feet correspond to every part of the body. Applying pressure on these points releases energy blockages that promote healing. Very grounding and relaxing.
Good for: Period pains. Constipation. Depression. Arthritis. The immune system. Pregnancy after the third month.
Details: Fully clothed, some oil or cream


Essential oils combined for the individual’s needs are massaged into the body to relieve physical and mental stress.
Good for: Major pampering. Acne. Psoriasis. Eczema. Irritable bowel syndrome. Sinus. PMT.
Details: Oils on skin, underwear.

Homeopathy is system of medicine based on natural laws that have always existed but were only discovered, understood and applied therapeutically some 200 years ago.’Similia similibus curentur’ is the Latin phrase that was then chosen to describe the ’law of similars’ which underpins homeopathy’s application - put simply it means ’like cures like’.


Nutritional therapy is a detailed look at what is working, or not, in your diet and how this may be effecting you in your life. The therapist will support you in making the relevant changed to ensure you achieve your goals.

Thai massage

A dynamic combination of deep tissue massage, stretches, yoga positions and reflexology. An all encompassing treatment and passive workout.
Good for: Energy boosting. Dtoxing. General mobility. Indigestion. Lower back pain.
Details: Fully clothed treatment on the floor, no oil.

Indian head massage

Finger pressure stimulates circulation of the head, face and shoulder, all storage areas for tension.
Good for: Tension release. Headaches. Boosting energy. Relaxation.
Details: Either seated or lying down, little or no oil.

Manual lymphatic drainage

M.L.D. is a massage that stimulates the lymphatic system to cleanse and regenerate the body through gentle, rhythmic and repetitive movements.
Good for: Detoxing. Chronic illnesses. Cellulite.
Details: Oils on skin, underwear.

Cranial sacral therapy

Relaxing and painless manipulation of the cerebra-spinal fluid this involves very gentle movements to the head and back.
Good for: General tension. Boosting energy. Sense of well-being.
Details: no oil, underwear, or fully dressed.


Like acupuncture, shiatsu works with the energy pathways to stimulate and balance the body’s energy. A hands on treatment that leaves you invigorated and with a sense of well being.
Good for: Irritability. Aggressiveness. Mental blocks and phobias. Relief from pain. Tenseness. Headaches and a wonderful sense of well being.
Details: Fully clothed on a futon on the floor, no oils.


A more spiritual hands-off treatment which unblocks energy and increases the ability of the body to heal itself. A gentle and profound treatment.
Good for: Emotional balance. Increasing energy levels.
Fully clothed, no oil.

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