Prepare to bare with help from the Dead Sea

Prepare to bare with help from the Dead Sea

Prepare to bare with help from the Dead Sea

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Prepare to bare with help from the Dead Sea


Now that the summer holiday season beckons, it is time to step up your beauty regime. Most people apply the old ‘out of sight, out of mind’ adage and neglect their beauty routines until it’s time to lay your body bare on the beach. Months of neglect can take its toll on your appearance, from dry skin to horrid tootsies, so it’s time that you make the necessary preparations to strip off with confidence.

The Dead Sea is world famous for its mineral-rich, skin-healing waters. For millennia, thousands of people, including historical beauties the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra, have visited the Dead Sea in order to bathe in this unique place. Malki’s Dead Sea range has harnessed these potent minerals and created a fantastic range that can access all areas to deliver a much needed beauty boost. They target the three main areas: hair, face and body.

Malki’s Natural Mineral Shampoo and Conditioner you can put all the bounce back into even the most unmanageable hair. The shampoo contains magnesium to revitalise, calcium to nourish and sodium to invigorate. Vegetable and olive oils cleanse away impurities and add shine the natural way without nasty foaming chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate. This ultra-kind formula also means it’s tough on dirt but soft on sensitive scalps.

The conditioner is prized not only for what it contains, but also for what it doesn’t contain. No chemicals to irritate the scalp and coat the hair shaft, no artificial thickeners that dull the hair and leave build-up, just a blend of three natural oils: olive, coconut and palm. It simply softens, detangles and hydrates without any greasy residue. It also contains Dead Sea minerals that get to work feeding the hair and scalp with goodness and providing an energising lift to tired tresses.

Exposed to the elements, covered in makeup and hardly given a chance to recover before the next onslaught of abuse, you are hard on your face yet expect it to look flawless. Malki’s Natural Mineral Facial Wash is a great way to feed your face without putting on any calories. It has a dual action: herbs including nettle, sage and camomile dissolve grease, unblock pores and flush away toxins, while the minerals refresh and invigorate washed out complexions.

If you are guilty of serious body neglect then it is time to atone for your sins if you want to be body beautiful for your holidays. Malki’s natural mineral products use hard working minerals to make light work of problem areas.

Step one means getting to grips with grime. Natural Mineral Shower Cream is an invigorating body wash with a mineral rich lather that washes toxins and impurities straight down the drain. The sulphur and sodium work by cleansing deep into pores whilst calcium’s energising qualities stimulate the epidermis and bring skin gently back into balance.

For areas that require more attention, Black Mud Mask Soap refreshes those body parts other soaps can’t reach. A blend of vegetable oils and Dead Sea mud tackles rough skin on elbows, knees and feet whilst providing a surge of skin refreshing minerals that leave bodies looking great.

Two handfuls of Dead Sea aromatherapy bath salts added to your bath will transform ordinary tap water into your own private Dead Sea. Bursting with minerals, these salts will be busy detoxifying and reviving tired skin and muscles.

Like any organ of the body, the skin requires regular feeding and this means a good moisturiser is absolutely essential. Natural Mineral Body Lotion is a non-greasy lotion that replaces lost hydration, leaving you much smoother. Marvellous minerals like potassium and chloride replenish nutrients and improve skin elasticity.

The Malki Dead Sea bath care range is now available in Boots stores nationwide priced from £3.10-£7.50.

Picture caption: The Dead Sea is world famous for its mineral-rich, skin-healing waters.
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MyVillage, 19th October

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