Celebrity Diet Secrets

Celebrity Diet Secrets

Celebrity Diet Secrets

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Celebrity Diet Secrets



Liz Hurley is reported to be a big fan of watercress soup to help her stay in shape. She says, “I drink at least six cups a day when eager to lose a few pounds”. Of course that might be all she eats, which isn’t a healthy way to lose weight, but there’s proof that slurping soup can help shedding pounds.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore in the US, found that people who has soup as a starter, choose a lower fat main course. But we are not talking of soups made of cream! Go for carrot and coriander, minestrone, vegetable or Liz’s favourite, watercress.

Stick to healthy eating

Halle Berry has a dream body and a perfect diet to match. Diagnosed with diabetes when she was 19, Halle avoids refined sugars and instead chooses naturally sweet fruit. Plus she limits fried foods, fills up with vegetables and rather than constantly going out to restaurants, eats at home where she can easily control her meals.

Make Exercise Fun

Exercising regularly doesn’t always mean sweating it out in the gym - something celebrities have known for years. Many stars go for unusual – and fun- activities to keep in shape.

•    Catherine Zeta-Jones regularly joins her husband Michael Douglas on the golf course. Complete 18 holes and you’ll use 720 calories.
•    Sandra Bullock goes rock climbing which burns 365 calories in a half hour climb.
•    Jennifer Aniston, tones her legs by jogging on the spot in her swimming pool . This water workout uses 165 calories in just 15 minutes.
•    Nicole Kidman learnt to cancan for Moulin Rouge – and burnt 470 calories for every hour she practiced.

Go Organic

Until the birth of her daughter Apple, Gwyneth Paltrow famously followed a strict macrobiotic diet plan, which banned all meat, eggs, dairy and caffeine. However, during pregnancy Gwyneth bloomed and she puts the weight gain down to the fact that she ditched the rabbit food and instead indulged her cravings for toasted cheese sandwiches and chips.

Since the baby's arrival, Gwyneth has resumed a healthier eating plan, although she admits she's not as strict on herself as she once was. 'I try to eat as organically as possible and I steer clear of candy because I don't think there's any energy in it,' she says. 'I simply try not to eat any over-manufactured foods that aren't naturally welcome in my body. I try not to eat anything "toxic" that will drain my energy.'

Three-meals-a-day plan

According to supermodel and mother-of-two, Claudia Schiffer, a sensible, three-meals-a-day plan is the only way to maintain her catwalk curves. 'I don't diet because it messes up your metabolism,' she says. 'Instead I eat three meals a day, particularly lots of fruit for breakfast because it's cleansing and quickly digested by the body and I try hard not to snack in-between meals. But if I want a piece of chocolate or a biscuit, then I have one. Denial makes you crave for something even more.

As well as sticking to a three-meals-a-day plan, Claudia tries to eat organically. 'I like my food to be as natural and unpolluted by chemicals as possible so I always eat organic.

Drew does in moderation

Formerly a strict vegetarian, Drew now occasionally eats meat but says 'I don't eat a ton of meat, but if I feel my body needs some, then I'll eat it. I don't put strict limitations on myself anymore, if I want something, I'll have it but in moderation.' As well as being sensible and eating three meals a day, consisting mostly of organic fruit and vegetables, Drew satisfies her sweet tooth with Diet Coke and low-fat jelly.

She also ensures that fun forms of exercise are incorporated into her daily routine. These include swimming, jogging, dancing and err, crazy golf. She says, 'It doesn't matter how you raise a sweat, so long as you have fun doing it.

Courtesy of www.beauty-tips.info

MyVillage, 01st June


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jemma gray said on 09th August ...

"I have just had a baby 5 weeks ago now and I have started the two bowls of special k a day and a healthy meal. I have lost 2 stone already but if i wanna snack I will or be naughty at times I will But i seem to feel full all the time which is good..."

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