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Celebrity Big Brother

Moyles stirs up BB house - Jan 16 2008
It seems Chris Moyles's stint in charge of the Big Brother house may have stirred up some affairs of the heart.

The DJ - who called himself the "saviour of broadcasting" in his insider blog - got Nathan to confess to having a soft spot for Amy.

It started when he asked if Nathan fancied anyone in the house.

Answering that he liked Amy, Nathan also acknowledged that she had a boyfriend and admitted that he himself was only "almost single", as he had feelings for someone outside the Celebrity Hijack house.

Moyles wished him good luck with "nailing" Amy, but tensions appeared when Nathan admitted his feelings in front of the other housemates, and the object of his affections laughed it off, saying she thought it would be Latoya. Victor then told the group: "Nathan is too good for Latoya."

Moyles also embarrassed Amy by telling her BB said she "loves" him, before signing off to make way for future hijackers including Joan Rivers and, tonight on E4 at 9pm, Brian Sewell.

Brian back on Big Brother - Jan 15 2008
Brian Belo makes a surprise return to the Big Brother house as part of Chris Moyles’ hijack.

The Radio 1 DJ calls the former Big Brother winner to the Diary Room and the Celebrity Hijack housemates are left gobsmacked when a half-naked Brian runs out of the shower room with only a towel to hide his modesty.

Chris also plans a pub quiz for the talented housemates, in which they are led to believe they are competing against an all-star team including Sir Terry Wogan, Mark Owen and Ozzy Osbourne.

But what the housemates don’t know is that all the celebs are being voiced by impersonator John Culshaw.

Chris kicks off his spell in charge of the house by waking them up with his ’radio show’ which reports that the whole country is covered in snow. The housemates head for the garden and find it has indeed snowed, whilst inside the living area has been made over to look like a pub, complete with bar and dart board.

Chris then calls for ’the dumbest’ housemate to go to the Diary Room, who then becomes the barperson for the day.

After the quiz, the captain of the winning team will be invited into a secret snug bar in the loft of the house, where they’ll meet Chris and his ’team’, aka John.

But there’s another surprise in store when they are presented with mobile phone and three minutes of talk time to call anyone they like.

Jade booted off hijack show - Jan 14 2008

A former beauty queen from Essex has become the first evictee from the Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack house.

Jade Eden, a 21-year-old former Miss England contestant who came third in the competition, wept as she found she had been chosen by E4 viewers to leave the house.

Londoner Jade, who has been a member of Mensa since the age of four, was put up for eviction after receiving five nominations from her fellow housemates.

She was up against gymnast Victor Arata and racing driver Jeremy Metcalfe for the public vote. Jeremy, 19, also received five votes from the other talented young people in the house, while Victor proved the least popular with eight votes.

She said: "I had so much fun, I really didn’t want to go. It was like the most amazing period. I had a great time."

Earlier in the week the 12 contestants explained the reasons for their nominations to guest hijacker Kelly Osbourne.

Emilia Arata, sister of Victor, nominated Jade, saying her experience as a beauty pageant contestant did not equal the talents of the other housemates.

Boxer Anthony Ogogo, singer-songwriter Calista Robertson, youth politician John Laughton and Jade were among those who voted for Victor.

Jade said she chose to nominate him because she didn’t like the way Victor talked about women.

The latest hijacker, Janet Street-Porter, spent time asking the housemates to commentate on each other, and host a fake chat show in which she was the main guest.

John praises Victor after hijack - Jan 11 2008
John McCririck has praised Victor for coping with some painful home truths during his anarchic stint on Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack.

The racing pundit and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant, 67, stirred things up in the house when he showed Jade clips of Jeremy and Victor bad-mouthing her and he also told Victor his mum had called Big Brother’s Little Brother to say ’that’s not my son’.

He said: "Big Brother a mental thing and that was the challenge; how Victor would react and how Jade would react to a really unpleasant circumstance. I think Victor was absolutely outstanding in the way he did everything right."

John also picked fashion designer Jay, 19, as his favourite housemate, saying: "He’s an extraordinary character at his age. He’s well known round the world. It did surprise me when he said he likes ties earlier. They are ghastly things and totally useless!"

And he said his time in the house had given him a "riveting and an extraordinary insight into people".

"If I could be Big Brother again I wouldn’t hesitate. But then I’m the only person that’s been in the house, done Big Mouth and now been a hijacker!"

Russell crows about Hijack success - Jan 10 2008
Russell Brand has boasted that his stint on Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack was one of the "most successful hijacks in history".

The cocky comedian flirted with the girls in the house and then set up the housemates with a hoax siege by a ’disgruntled cameraman’ aka Paul Garner.

He said: "I’ve had a marvellous experience on Big Brother. It was probably one of the most successful hijacks in history. All my demands were met. I’ve had a whale of a time. I’ve particularly enjoyed the Paul-inspired acting. Me and him did that thing and it was a lovely to-do, a bit of a stand off!"

The former Big Brother’s Big Mouth host even hinted that he would be prepared to do another stint or at least pop back on his old show.

He said: "It’s lovely to be back here, part of the Big Brother franchise you know, I feel like I’ve been gone away too long I tell ya! I’ve half a mind to ask for my old job back. But those boys, James and Matt are doing such a tremendous job that I’d be very lucky to be reinstated."

On Big Brother’s Big Mouth after last night’s show on E4 Russell was voted the best celebrity hijacker so far, with Matt Lucas as a runner-up and Ian Wright being the viewer’s least favourite.

Russell’s big hoax - Jan 9 2008

Russell Brand has used his stint as the latest celebrity hijacker on Big Brother to test how the housemates would cope in a siege.

The former Big Brother’s Big Mouth host challenged the housemates with a fake scenario which saw an actor, posing as a disillusioned cameraman, storm into the house and stage a sit-in.

In the scenes to be shown tonight, Russell and security staff follow ’Paul’ the cameraman into the house and try to calm him down as the housemates are locked in the bedroom by the real Big Brother.

When Paul first enters the house, he rants about the poor working conditions for cameramen and the shocked housemates attempt to placate him, with Latoya giving him a hug.

But as Paul gets more agitated, security and Russell wade in, before Russell reveals it was all a hoax designed to test the housemates on their skills at coping in stressful situations.

He praised all the housemates on coping well, except for Jeremy, who Russell has joked he doesn’t like, and rewarded them with a party.

The house was adorned with Russell’s favourite things, including West Ham memorabilia and photos of his idols Tony Hancock, Peter Cook and Morrissey.

He also set the house a task of making them rank themselves in order of who is most spiritually enlightened. The housemates chose Amy as the most and Anthony as the least.

Russell chose Amy as his favourite housemate and rewarded her with chocolate cake and flowers.

Three up for Big Brother eviction - Jan 9 2008

Victor, Jeremy and Jade are all facing the boot from Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack after getting the most nominations for eviction from their fellow housemates.

Roller-skating circus performer Victor received a massive eight nominations, while racing driver Jeremy and beauty queen Jade both received five votes.

Kelly Osbourne took charge of nominations during her stint as the celebrity hijacker and coaxed the talented young housemates into dishing the dirt on who they hated in the house.

When Victor was called to the Diary Room to nominate, he opened up about how claustrophobic he feels in the house and Kelly admitted she was glad she had seen a different side to him.

Rocker Ozzy’s daughter also arranged a death metal party for the housemates and made them show off their moshing skills to win luxury food items.

Jeremy and Victor ended up drinking all the left-over beer and mused that they enjoy being the house "moaners".

Housemates given a new acting task - Jan 7 2008

The Big Brother housemates had to act for their supper after actor Alan Cumming took over the proceedings.

The star of stage and screen - he has appeared in films such as GoldenEye and X2 - gave the 12 each a character and a costume and urged them all to get into their role, in true Hollywood style.

He then asked them to put on an amateur dramatics type play, which would test their improvisational skills.

If they perform their roles throughout the day, and successfully put on the play to Cumming’s specification, they will secure a luxury menu.

They were given 45 minutes to come up with a 15-minute improvised play.

The star of Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack told them: "It must have a clear narrative and incorporate the following classic movie themes - a chase, a love affair, a secret exposed, an argument, a murder and a mistaken identity. Add anything else you fancy. The performance needs a name and every character must speak or grunt. And it’s gotta be good."

Characters included Anthony as Blanche, a wealthy, flirtatious southern belle from Kentucky, and Calista as Professor Olga Verhollenbosch, an unorthodox scientist from Stuttgart.

Ian Wright takes over BB house - Jan 5 2008

Former footballer Ian Wright has taken over as Big Brother - and set the housemates some tricky tasks.

On the third day of Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack, the housemates were divided into pairs.

For the first part of the task, one housemate has to wear specially adapted ear defenders. They play "white noise" continually while they have them on.

Wright then plays the other housemate a series of sound effects. After each is played, the housemate has to act out the sound effect and see if their fellow housemate can correctly guess what it is.

If they succeed they win a luxury food and toiletries budget for the next day.

For the second part of the task, housemates must score a penalty kick in the football pitch set in the garden. However, they must take the penalty wearing specially created goggles that alter the wearer’s vision to a tiny pinprick.

Former Arsenal legend Wright said: "I am a big fan of Big Brother, and I never thought there would be an opportunity to be Big Brother. I’m not one of those who acts too cool to watch Big Brother. I do like it, it’s one of those things. I just love it.

"I am most looking forward to being the voice of Big Brother. Kinda having control, although I am not a control freak but I do like the fact that I’ve got control, when I speak they have to do stuff!"

The show’s first celebrity hijacker, Matt Lucas of TV show Little Britain, who ran the house for two days, said: "I think this group are a lot warmer and more likeable than the usual housemates. It might be because they are younger and because most of them genuinely do seem to have a talent."

Russell Brand will hijack the Big Brother house on Tuesday. Highlights will be shown on E4 on Wednesday at 9pm.

Matt plays Big Brother - Jan 4 2008

Matt Lucas took over the role of Big Brother last night as 12 gifted contestants entered the house.

Celebrity hijacker Matt was responsible for controlling the first hours of the Celebrity Big Brother replacement.

The traditional January celebrity version of the Channel 4 show has been put on hold following the race row involving Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty in 2007.

Instead, the house has been filled with a group of talented young people, including two circus performers, a singer-song-writer, a dancer and a teenager entrepreneur.

The Little Britain star chose to instruct Scottish Youth Parliament chairman John Loughton on how to greet the other entrants, using an earpiece.

Forced to follow Matt’s directions, a visibly uncomfortable John, 20, bemused his fellow housemates by claiming to be a racing driver, musician, a psychic and a boxer.

When introducing himself to Calista Robertson, 19, he told the singer and song-writer that he was personally responsible for writing the score to the 1960s film The Sound Of Music.

Celebrity hijacker Matt eventually decided John had passed the challenge, guaranteeing him a place in the final of the show and promising the group a Chinese-style buffet to help the contestants settle in.

Other celebrities set to play puppet-master to the group include Joan Rivers, ex-footballer Ian Wright, actor Alan Cumming, and Kelly Osbourne, daughter of rocker Ozzy.

Big Brother reveals house of 12 talents - Jan 3 2008

Big Brother has unveiled some housemates with a difference - young people with talent and brains.

Instead of the usual fame-hungry wannabes, the 12 contestants competing for the £50,000 prize on Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack have been chosen because they each have a gift.

They include an Olympic boxing hopeful, a classical musician, a Mobo-nominated singer, an internet entrepreneur and the chairman of the Scottish Youth Parliament.

There is also a racing driver, a dancer, an Oxford University-educated conceptual artist, a fashion designer and a brother-and-sister circus duo.

Even the beauty queen and former Miss Essex has been a member of Mensa since the age of four.

The series launches tonight on Channel 4 and digital channel E4.

Celebrity Big Brother has been put on hold following last year’s Jade Goody race-row debacle.

Instead, Celebrity Hijack will feature a group of famous faces in the role of Big Brother and setting tasks for the housemates.

Little Britain’s Matt Lucas will be the first star to take control of proceedings.

The rest of the series will feature Jimmy Carr, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Keith Lemon, Malcolm McLaren, Joan Rivers, Brian Sewell and Ian Wright. Dermot O’Leary will host the proceedings.

Problems in BB house? - Jan 2 2008

New Big Brother show Celebrity Hijack hasn’t even started yet - but apparently there are already problems.

The Channel 4 show was hit by a crisis when one of the 12 contestants threatened to quit hours before it starts, reports the Daily Star.

The Midlands teenager threatened to walk when she discovered she would be bossed about by acid-tongued comedians, including Joan Rivers, Jimmy Carr and Leigh Francis.

The classically-trained musician was reportedly unhappy with the format and was concerned that the housemates would become the source of jokes.

"Some of the contestants are worried that they will simply become figures of fun," a source said.

"They also fear they’re being set up as fall-guys for the comedians who’re going to be running the show and don’t fancy being on the receiving end of nasty comments.

"That’s hardly surprising when you look at some of the people playing Big Brother who don’t suffer fools gladly.

"This year’s line-up is different because they’re not the usual desperate fame-hungry wannabes, but talented, sensitive and very intelligent bunch of youngsters.

"One girl hated the idea of being mocked by celebs and threatened to walk out. Staff tried to allay their concerns, keep them all happy and stop the girl from walking out.

"There’s always some last-minute attack of nerves but this mutiny is the last thing needed."

Celebrities hijack Big Brother - Dec 21 2007

Big Brother is back on January 3 - with a big difference.

E4’s Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack sees stars like Malcolm McLaren and Joan Rivers taking control of the house, and making a group of talented young housemates do whatever they like.

And as Dermot O’Leary prepares to host his last ever Big Brother show, the UK’s most famous house has undergone yet another makeover - this time influenced by graffiti artists like Banksy.

There’s a cheeky stencilled monkey in the bedroom and a laid-out cameraman in the garden, while in the bedroom, housemates will be treated to an urban cityscape on the walls.

Dermot’s in charge of the live eviction shows and Big Brother’s Little Brother, while comedians James Corden and Matthew Horne have been recruited to host Big Brother’s Big Mouth.

After years of wannabes auditioning for the hit show, Big Brother has turned to a talented elite of housemates including athletes, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs, who will compete for a £50,000 prize.

Purple is the new colour of choice for BB, as the multi-coloured eye logo for the summer has been splatted with purple paint - and the see-through Diary Room chair now has a purple sheen.

The house has a brand new gym, complete with treadmill and crosstrainer and the lucky new set of housemates can warm themselves in a swanky hot tub.

MyVillage, 21st December

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Celebrity Big Brother
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