Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

  • Profession: Celebrity chef
  • Place/Date of Birth: Johnstone, Scotland, 08 November 1966

Gordon to start chef academy? - Jan 30 2008
Gordon Ramsay has apparently vowed to set up his own chef academy to battle poor standards in catering colleges.

The loud-mouthed TV chef, 41, who has built up a culinary empire with several Michelin-starred restaurants and successful cookery shows, has said his apprentice scheme will be his next project.

Gordon told the Daily Star: "I’m fed up, not just with the NVQ standards, but at what’s coming out of our catering schools. I want to set up my own apprentice scheme where students experience everything from a most amazing pub to a one, two or three Michelin-starred establishment."

He added: "I’m not talking about fast-track courses - I’m talking about 18 months to two-year courses issuing our own diplomas."

And it seems cooking will not be the only subject on Gordon’s curriculum.

"If they want to spend three months in a florists, followed by a two-month stint with one of our bakers, then we’ll arrange it," he added.

Ramsay reveals ideal Christmas gift - Dec 21 2007

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has revealed what is at the top of his Christmas wish list this year - a set of floodlights.

The Michelin Star cook, an ex-footballer, has asked for the lights for the football pitch in his back garden.

Father-of-four Gordon played for Rangers as a teenager and said he still enjoys having a kick-about after Sunday lunch. Asked what he would like for Christmas, he told Glasgow-based Real Radio: "I’ve got a full-sized football goal in my back garden and after Sunday lunch we bend it like Beckham round the posts.

"What I’ve requested this time is some floodlights."

The chef also revealed that his young children only get one gift each. The rest are delivered unopened to a refuge run by his mother in Somerset.

He said: "Anything else that comes in by way of extra presents from friends, family and customers goes straight to the refuge."

The interview with Gordon Ramsay will be broadcast on Real Radio on Boxing Day.

Ramsay sets sights on Heathrow star - Dec 13 2007

Gordon Ramsay has set his sights on creating the world’s first Michelin-starred airport restaurant at Heathrow’s new terminal, according to reports.

Plane Food is said to have cost the chef £2 million and will be his ninth restaurant in the capital when it opens next year in Terminal Five at the airport.

Ramsay hopes to add to his clutch of Michelin stars for his other restaurants with the new venture, according to the Evening Standard.

The paper said airport operator BAA had given the chef preferential terms with a 10-year lease instead of the usual five-year contract because it is keen to turn the restaurant into a key attraction.

But a BAA spokeswoman said: "Our retailer partners operate on a concession-based contract, not a rent or a lease contract.

"Most of BAA’s business partners trade on concession contracts that are three to seven years in length and are turnover-related."

The menu for the 180-seater restaurant is to be based on the Boxwood Cafe at the Berkeley Hotel and will include afternoon tea as well as a cocktail list.

Terminal Five is due to open in March and will handle 30 million passengers every year.

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By rights Scottish born Gordon Ramsay should have been a professional footballer but injury cost his career with Glasgow Rangers FC. But footballs loss was cookery’s (and shouty sweary reality TV’s) gain.

Following his injury Ramsay signed up for catering college, passing with flying colours and going on to work under legendary chefs Marco Pierre White and Albert Roux. After honing his skills in kitchens around the UK and France, Ramsay went on to become a personal chef for an Australian TV star before flying back to London as part owner of Aubergine. But, in true Ramsay style Gordon had a bust up with the backers of Aubergine, causing him to walk out and take his staff with him to form his eponymous restaurant in Chelsea, the only London eatery to gain three Michelin stars.

He has also opened restaurants in Claridges and the Connaught as well as Petrus in Mayfair, Amaryllis in Glasgow and Verre in Dubai. Ramsay is also a TV celebrity, currently starring in Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on Channel 4, a reality TV show which gives the Osbournes a run for it’s money in the ******* **** stakes.

January 2008

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