Alma De Cuba, St Peter's Church, Seel Street L1 4AZ, tel: 01517027394

Alma De Cuba

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Amen, praise the lord for this haunt! Once St Peter’s Catholic Church , now a flourishing bar and restaurant that is striking a familiar chord with ever punter and diner.

The Alma de Cuba is easy on the eyes, mouth, ears and pocket! This Caribbean–themed bar and restaurant is bubbling with delicacies, especially it’s Rib eye steak! And drink wise you will not be disappointed!

Religious painting, chapel–like interior and candle lit lighting , you will need to forget greed is a sin here!

Priya, MyVillage


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the dissapointed from warrington

14th January

"Surroundings- wonderful to the eye but a little too dark and freezing cold!

Food - of poor standard

Prices seemed average but for the standard of the food very overpriced.

Extremly small portions- tastless pate and seafood.

It was a big dissapointment to us. We had to constantly get up and close tha doors (apparantly broke that day!)
We left here still hungry and ate elsewhere!

Not what you expect to do after Fine dining!


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27th November

"At first glance Alma de Cuba is impressive, particularly the interior and the re use of an old and derelict building. We booked a meal on a saturday for a group of six and it was thoroughly dissappointing.

To summarise, the experience was too noisy, the service was slow, the food was poor. It seems that this chain of establishments has overstretched itself. The restuarant is simply not going to get repeat business purely based on quality of the product and prices. "

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m O

16th November

"I agree with comments about the manager. Very rude indeed. After complaining that the food was cold, ribs hard and no cutlery, the manager took twenty minutes to come down from the office to tell us he wasn't going to leave what he was doing to see to us. There is more but needn't say it."

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Jackie Wilkes

08th October

"Average all the way, only rescued by the interior. This place is undeservedly busy based on posing and the stunning (which it is) interior. Go for a drink instead as the bar staff are indeed well trained but the food is mass produced and only adequate"

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08th June

"I have been here on numerous occassions, to eat in the restaurant, for tapas and just for a night out. It has become
my favourite place to enjoy a night out in Liverpool and I have been to most places!

The atmosphere, service, food and price are all second to non and the Manager is the most charming man I have met in a long time. Definately no complaints from me. "

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17th March

"enjoyed a tapas and a few beers there, prices seems reasonable, staff were friendly; didn't come across Basil the manager. Disappointed we couldn't get into the restaurant though, when there was clearly empty tables throughout the night. Between 18:40 and 21:00 hrs the bar was relatively quite."

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10th February

"I love the Alma its gr8 on the weekend when the roses fall at 11.00 the candles make it look peaceful and gr8. I've always had a good time there, although the bar is a pain 2 get served at."

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21st December

""My dad designed it and it is fantastic. The food is gorgeous - we had tapas and it was exquisite. Not too expensive either. Definitely worth a visit, although it is booked up weeks in advance.""

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Andy Mcque

19th December

""It is the best bar i have ever set foot in.It has a sense of Hedonism due to the candles and Church roof it is so stunning ppl are amazed as they walk in.""

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01st November

""Food was excellend,amopshere was excellent & price was excellent!""

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Gill Blackall

01st November

""Have to agree with John's comments, the manager's attitude is unbelievable. I attempted to discuss with him the poor customer service, and his response was both rude and agressive, his final comment to me before he turned his back on me and walked away was (and I quote)"yeah and you keep coming back for more!""

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01st April

""Went to see what all the fuss was about, walked in absolutely gorgeous, great crowd I enjoyed myself with my work friends, seeing is believing.""

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John Fashanu

01st April

""It's a dreadful place. The staff are rude and surly and the service was painfully slow. I found the atmosphere very strange, it was almost like a cemetery. When I asked to speak to the manager to address my concerns he was very abrupt and refused to listen. A very rude man. I would not recommend this place.""

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27th January

""Visually fantastic, but I'm afraid that there is where my praise ends. The bar offers nothing particularly special and is as overpriced as many of the other city centre bars. The menu appears to be somewhat limited (when I went for example, 3 of the 4 desserts on offer seemed to contain coffee in some way, so if you don't like coffee, tough!).

The staff were in the main pleasant enough, with the exception of the manager who seems unwilling to converse with any customers who dare utter a complaint or even suggestion. Nice enough for a drink or two but I certainly wouldn't spend my evening in the queue to get in, especially when there are far nicer bars within a short walking distance.""

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26th January

""Afraid I have to agree with Gill and John on this one. Whilst the bar is visually fantastic, the sevice left a lot to be desired and upon speaking to the manager, I found him to be completely uncooperative, with his refusal to talk to me about what I considered to be a valid complaint frankly unbelievable.

At the moment, Alma de Cuba is without doubt one of the most popular bars in Liverpool. However, once the initial novelty of the place wears off and customer numbers start to fall, I think they might begin to regret treating people with such little respect. The customer is always right, except at Alma de Cuba it would appear...""

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25th January

""I have past the best week end of the years in this bar. The food was great the alcool too. Before to coming I was atheist but this week end I have change. ""

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Susan Davies

20th January

""I thought the design was great. The outside is most obviously a church and painted white - which is always cute. The exterior is well lit and the eye-sore next door is clevely disguised by the ingenious use of candles. I'm not sure about the booth lighting though because it was hard to see the menu at times. The food was ok but a little short on healthy eating items. Also, I'm not sure about the use of candles in what was once a church. I think it might be counted as exploitative. I liked it there despite my misgivings.""

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