Chillies 2, 720 Wood Street, Liverpool L1 4DQ, tel: 01517086649

Chillies 2

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01st August

"Another one of my favourite haunts with a great middle aged clientele who are not afraid to let their hair down and boogy or go on the karaoke whether they can sing or not. Everyone gets a clap just for taking part; the staff are so friendly as are the doorman who are not afraid to help the other staff when needed.

They have salsa in the week so all you budding Ricky martins get down there. The prices are so cheap, although can be dearer on weekends but not that noticeably. So the only negative is that the womens toilet can leak, although when pointed out the staff are quick to rectify the situation.

Also u can get photo keyring memento of your time there."

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