Bar Ca Va, 4a Wood Street, Liverpool L1 4AQ, tel: 01517099300

Bar Ca Va

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Trey Botwin

06th January

"I loves it i do!!"

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06th December

"I've found with this bar if your rude to the bouncers they are going to be rude back which they've every right to be!! I've never had a bad night here but to be fair i've never remembered leaving! Cheap tequila all the time and 1 bottles during the week its great!! They also have "sailor Jerry" for 3 a double which is worth going for!!! "

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Frankie B

20th August

"This bar is the perfect warm up place before you descend on the Krazyhouse (just up the street).

It's a bit cramped and there aren't enough seats by a long shot, but who cares really? The tequila (which is why most people go their) is dirt cheap (1 for a shot) and comes in 40 different flavours. Bottles aren''t too bad considering its location in the city centre. As for music, the tunes are eclectic, going from anywhere to Drum n Bass to Indie to a bit of Ska. And quite often there will be an acoustic set, or perhaps a bit of open mic (usually of a high standard).

Wouldn't recommend this bar for somewhere to spend an entire night, but for a bit it's fine."

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10th June

"This place does not live up to what you think it's going to be. On reputation, you expect it to be this really cool bohemian hang out.Instead it's Full of dull wannabee alternatives and irritating EMO's/Skater types.Not to mention the 'Ordinary boys' that procrastinate here.

The Music is just vile. I you like to hear 'jump around' on repeat then be my guest. Not worth the bother of trying to get past the rude and brash bouncers."

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